Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I'm Alive!

Hi everybody,

Sorry for not updating this blog in FOREVER. If you've been watching this blog exclusively and not heard what I've been up to from anywhere else then WOW there's a lot you've missed.

The biggest thing was I ran a Kickstarter campaign for the game in November.

It went pretty well. It's still well worth watching the pitch video if you didn't see it when the campaign was live. There's load of updates as well, lots of good stuff there.

It was my original plan to do a big blog update here with behind-the-scenes stuff about the video, and the campaign in general. Time got away from me though and I've been at full speed ever since.

The Kickstarter meant I could spend some money on a shiny new setup:

It's so pretty and FAAAAAAST!

The game is progressing nicely, and it's now confirmed for waaaay more platforms. iOS, Android and OUYA (if you squint you can see it in the photo above) launching hopefully around the start of May, followed by PC and Mac (and maybe Linux) later in Summer.

Thanks to the Kickstarter I'm also getting some help finishing off the animations for the game from Benjamin Donoghue. I think I've proved I can do all the different parts of making the game now, so now I'd just like it to be done faster!

I'm working incredibly hard just now to get the game done. I had January and February as a sabbatical from my day job which was totally ace and resulted in a huge amount of progress. I'm back at my day job 4 days a week now though, so FOA work is back to being a spare time project. I've never worked so hard in my life and I can only hope the hard work comes across when you play the finished game!

If you check the I Fight Bears website you'll see I've added the ability to buy some AWESOME t-shirts, as well as pre-order the game on PC & Mac. Please buy something because it means I might be able to take another sabbatical and get this game finished all the sooner.

There's are also some kick ass papercraft toys on the site provided by the lovely AG Papertoys.

Oh, yeah on a related note I've just announced this competition on Twitter:
The t-shirts look like this:

It would be super-awesome if you could retweet it and/or enter a picture. Seeing people talk about FIST OF AWESOME gets me all hot and excited, encourages me to make the game even greater, and you might win a cool t-shirt! Everyone wins!

So to summarise: Kickstarter, game out May iOS, Android & OUYA, later in Summer PC & Mac (maybe Linux), papertoys, competition, Nicoll tired, happy, excited, terrified.

Once again, apologies for letting this blog become a barran wasteland, I'll make an effort to update it more, and once the game's FINALLY released there'll be all kinds of post-mortems, sales data, etc. here to get you all excited. It'll be SUPER!

Lots of love,

Nicky x

P.S. The gorgeous Cat, who inspired me to make the Valentines Day game that inspired me to make FIST OF AWESOME, agreed to marry me. HUZZAH!

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