Monday, 23 July 2012

Competition Result Time!

It's been a long time coming but finally, and after much careful consideration, I've made a decision for the name of the protagonist of FIST OF AWESOME.

As you may remember the main character was originally going to be called Jack Lumber, but the upcoming game Jack Lumber from the lovely guys at Owlchemy Lab got there first. I turned to Twitter to have someone else do the work for me crowd-source a new name. What followed was a frankly terrifying amount of great suggestions.

Clearly a work as epoch-defining as FIST OF AWESOME needs a hero name that will stand the test of time. A name that describes both the essence of the character and his everyman status.

The deluge of so many quality entries that made this decision all the harder. But decide I did.

So, without further ado, the name of the bearded lumberjack protagonist of FIST OF AWESOME will be....


Which technically is a name that nobody chose.


Here is how Tim Burr came to be:

@cartoonsbyRic came up with the quite lovely TIM BAAAA

@tghGaz then iterated on that with TIM BARR.

And I completed the cycle with TIM BURR.

The following entries comprise the top 5. All will receive a spot in the beta AND will be forever immortalised in pixel form as background characters in the game!

Tim Baaaa - @cartoonsbyRic
Tim Barr - @tghGaz
Chet Beardly - @igrowbeards
Beef Hardcastle - @gshowitt
‏Woody Harasserson - @tamoose

Hope you enjoyed the drama,

Lots of love,

Nicoll x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The FIST OF AWESOME Screenshot Revolution!

Hello Internet,

Get ready for a SEXY REVOLUTION in the heady world of screenshots! For too long screenshots have been static, frozen in time, trapped in their own single frame existence. As a champion of indie gaming you probably have to look at mountains of them on a daily basis. I feel your pain and, quite honestly, you deserve better.


Behold the new ANIMATED screenshots from FIST OF AWESOME! These screenshots come from the Prehistoric-era section of the eagerly awaited time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up.

It's just like being there! I can feel the sweet lava as it burns my eyebrows!

Ah, the serene beauty of a waterfall. So calm and relaxing you can scarcely hear the savage battle cries.

There you have it. All screenshots of every game ever have been made redundant in one fell swoop. This is the beginning of a new era, an ANIMATED era. This must be how Walt Disney felt. Welcome to the future.

Take a few minutes to catch your breath, this sort of revolution doesn't happen everyday. Go make yourself a cup of tea, or pour a nice Scotch. You've earned it.

Lots of love,

Nicoll x